Trucker Treats Gourmet Flavored Pretzels (5.3 oz)

Trucker Treats Gourmet Flavored Pretzels (5.3 oz)

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Hawt Cajun: Enjoy the smoky and peppery taste of Louisiana with our Hawt Cajun flavor. Our seasoning packs a truckload of flavor with a fiery kick! A Complex Cajun style flavor with a building heat.

Cinnamon Toast: There’s nothing like the warm and fuzzy feeling of a Sunday morning! That’s exactly what you get with every taste of our Cinnamon Toast. The sweetness of the sugar with the spice of the cinnamon will leave your sweet tooth more than satisfied! Confectioners sugar and cinnamon.

Dill Pickle: Looking for a tangy burst of flavor? You’re in the right place! Our sweet and salty dill pickle seasoning will have you picturing yourself in the summer sun in no time. Try it, and see for yourself! Dill pickle seasoning.

Bacon Cheeseburger: Looking for that ultimate, savory snacking experience? Look no further! Our Bacon Cheeseburger flavor is full of rich, smoky bacon and hearty, cheddar cheese. Smoked Bacon And Cheddar cheese flavor almost tastes like a cheeseburger.

Deli Mustard: Do you love a savory hot dog on a summer day? What about the refreshing taste of a nice, big sandwich while you’re on the go? Enjoy your favorite condiment's zingy, peppery flavor with our Deli Mustard seasoning. Their sharp, robust taste will leave all your snacking cravings fully satisfied!

Kewl Ranch: It’s the original flavor that had everybody coming back for more! Enjoy a mix of zesty, flavorful goodness with Kewl Ranch. The tasty garlic and ranch with a hint of spice is simply unmatched. Trust me, you gotta try this one! The Original: Garlic, Ranch