Our Story

I'm so happy to have you visiting and shopping at Ginger’s Uptown!  This boutique is my passion, I call it my third child, it’s just the child that never grew up and moved away like my other two did! I am so thankful it didn’t leave because I love my job everyday, all the time!  

Over 30 years ago I had a dream, well, I’m still dreaming and still loving to make them come true, but all those years ago is when this story began!  I was very young, my husband and I had been married 5 years, and we had a one year old child. I worked in a department store for some very special people and my husband had a job that kept us going!  Besides that, we really didn’t have anything to speak of, but I had a dream!  

We had the opportunity to purchase a small shoe store, it’s not what I wanted, it wasn’t really my dream, but it was a way to start.   I was young and ready to conquer the world and so we began!  We kept working and growing and believing and had the best friends, family and customers for a support system that you could ever ask for.  In time we grew to what we are today.  Oh yes, we’ve had many bumps and bruises along the way both personally and business, like everyone else, but it has made us better people and it has all been worth it.  Our store isn’t a big corporate place, it’s a small beautiful boutique, built with love and cared for everyday by people who mean the world to me!   

At Ginger’s Uptown you’ll find Apparel, Accessories, Home Decor, and Kitchen items all tastefully displayed for your shopping enjoyment and design inspiration! We’re a special place that can help you decorate your home or your wardrobe!  I work hard shopping the markets many times a year and all year long for things I know you’ll love.  It’s so exciting to always be bringing in the newest trends and new fun pieces just for you!

Having a beautiful store that you can come into and relax and enjoy is what I love to create for my customers! Our boutique was created to make you feel happy, inspired and comfortable the moment you walk in the door!  We want to be your “Happy Place!"  
Now, my new dream is to share our boutique with you, even if you can’t physically walk through our doors.  Our online store will be no different than inside Ginger’s Uptown Boutique! I want you to relax, enjoy and be inspired from where ever you are and when ever you want!

Again, welcome to Ginger’s Uptown, we want nothing more than to be here to help our customers!  In the meantime I’ll keep dreaming and I want you to keep enjoying all the ideas I love to come up with!

                                                           Ginger Walker, Owner


The Uptown Girls