Shinery Illuminating Pom

Shinery Illuminating Pom

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The first jewelry pom of its kind, Shinery’s Illuminating Pom is the must-have finish for flawless shine.  This little pom packs a lot of power and is your secret weapon for the most outrageous shine you have ever seen. We invented the Pom to give you that signature Shinery shine after using the Radiance Wash. 

How It Works: Simply rub the pom on your jewelry. Both the pom and your jewelry should be dry. When rubbed on your jewelry, the pom will pick up all of the dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other residues. You will be able to see your results directly on the pom, leaving you with brilliantly shiny jewelry!

Jewelry Care: The Illuminating Pom does not contain any substance or formula.  This allows you to safely clean and polish ALL metals, gemstones, and textures. Because of the insanely soft and non-abrasive material, the pom will not scratch or leave streaks.

How It's Made: The Illuminating Pom is purposely designed with two different materials.  The bottom material is made of a latex-free, hydrophilic material with an open cell structure that absorbs then traps water, dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other residues. The top material and strap material are made of a non-absorbent, impermeable material that prevents the transfer of any dirt or oil from your fingers to the pom or your jewelry. 

The Illuminating Pom contains 3 poms in a chic and convenient storage jar for at home or on the go. Start by selecting your everyday jewelry piece or a unique piece you only wear on special occasions.  Make sure both the jewelry piece and Illuminating Pom are dry. Insert your fingers under the strap of the pom and gently buff desired piece with the soft side of the pom.  Pom is re-usable until you feel you need to start fresh.