Nellie's Flyerballs

Nellie's Flyerballs

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Ready for takeoff! Flying all the way from New Zealand, these wool dryer balls were given wings to soar through your dryer, separate fabrics and put a stop to static. They also cut down on drying time while softening your clothes and reducing wrinkles - not baa’d, if you ask us!

Not A (Bo) Peep!
Shhh! These safe and natural fabric softeners stay silent in the dryer!

Added Wings
A little extra lift, to reduce wrinkles and soften fabrics a-wool-e lot more than our regular dryerballs.

World Famous Wool
New Zealand is famous for its sheep and high quality wool - our flyerballs are basically celebrities.

*No sheep were harmed in the making of our Flyerballs*

Although cute, please keep out of reach of pets.

How to Use: Place all three Flyerballs in dryer with your fabrics.
Nellie's Flyerballs shorten drying time, soften fabrics and reduce wrinkles without the use of nasty chemicals.

Ingredients: 100% pure New Zealand wool.