Michel Design Works Large Bath Soap Bar

Michel Design Works Large Bath Soap Bar

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These substantial bars contain only the finest ingredients - pure vegetable palm oil, glycerine, and rich, moisturizing shea butter. Each piece is triple-milled and handmade in Sussex, England, where our artisanal soap maker oversees every step of the process. Such painstaking care ensures a product that is thoroughly-blended, firm, long lasting, and silky smooth.

Approximate size: 8.7 oz. / 246 g

Size: 4.4 x 2.75 x 2'' / 11.1 x 7 x 5.1 cm

Honey Almond: Sweet almond muddled with cherry, vanilla, and honey.

Garden Party: Summer garden of peony, jasmine, and rose with a dusting of patchouli and musk

Ocean Tide: Ocean air with notes of dewy melon and lily of the valley

Magnolia: Magnolia, jasmine, and honeysuckle with hints of violet and bergamot

Sweet Floral Melody: Bouquet of white flowers and tuberose touched with honey, coconut, and mimosa

Royal Rose: Royal rose with notes of amber, apple, vanilla, and musk

Lemon Basil: Citrus notes of lemon and mandarin enhanced with green basil leaf

Lavender Rosemary: The unmistakable scent of lavender with rosemary and a hint of eucalyptus

Deborah's Garden: Heady floral notes of jasmine and cyclamen with base notes of cedarwood and cashmere

Birds and Butterflies: Acacia flowers sweetened with plum and vanilla with just a squeeze of citrus

The Meadow: Floral meadow after a storm with heather, cyclamen, and mimosa

Paisley and Plaid: The freshness of linen with powdery floral undertones of violet, carnation, and lily of the valley

Gardenia: Gardenia and plum blossom with swirls of bergamot and toffee

Bunny Meadow: Spring flowers with hints of cucumber

Jubilee: Dewy florals with musky amber and raspberry highlights

Poppies and Posies: Powdery poppy and jasmine with notes of violet and fruit

Cedar Rose: Soft notes of cedarwood mingled with peony, jasmine, and a drop of citrus

Dahlias: Floral blossoms with undertones of musk and sandalwood