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Michel Design Works Kitchen Towel

Michel Design Works Kitchen Towel

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There's nothing shy or demure about these kitchen towels! The stunning designs and bold prints demand attention—and deserve it! Made of natural woven cotton, they are as practical as they are impressive.

The sweet blue-and-white pattern of flowers and birds highlights our Indigo Cotton design.

The vibrant greens and feathery fronds of our Palm Breeze design bring to mind a fresh tropical feel. 

Roses symbolize love, gratitude, grace, and joy. Royal Rose is classic and forever in style.

Fresh, vivid Magnolias, celebrated in a vibrant, painterly style, are perfect all year round.

Shades of sepia, black, and white distinguish this striking and sophisticated Gardenia design.  

A colorful burst of irresistible flowers and butterflies evoke the abundance of a summer garden and fill your kitchen with a Sweet Floral Melody.

The endearing, whimsical flora and fauna of this Wild Lemon design are sure to spark smiles.

Lavender Rosemary is a true classic, showing off these beautiful botanicals.

Dimensions: 20 x 28" / 50.8 x 71.1 cm