Riff Raff Mushroom Marinade

Riff Raff Mushroom Marinade

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Salvy concocted a savory blend of sauces and red wine with other secretive family ingredients and meticulously crafted this one-of-a kind marinade that is truly maintenance for the soul!

Recommended for: mushrooms, vegetables, chicken & pork

Tips: Vegetables can be stir fried or sautéed

Cooking methods: marinating, grilling, or on your stove top for a quick meal

For mushrooms & onions:

  • ½-1 stick of butter
  • ½ -1 can of your favorite beer (option of drinking the other half)
  • Add in a generous portion to your liking of Riff Raff
  • slice and dice veggies to your desire
  • mix all together (we recommend using a covered foil pan) & throw on the grill one hour prior to adding the meat, or throw on the stove top. Mushrooms should be moist, saucy & succulent when done.

For pork:

  • Slather a healthy portion on meat
  • let sit 30 minutes
  • grill or put on the stove top

21.5 oz

Company: Salvy Sousa