Michel Design Works Hand & Body Lotion

Michel Design Works Hand & Body Lotion

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Shea Butter, aloe, and other botanical ingredients makes this silky, luxurious hand and body lotion perfect for even the driest skin. Beautifully packaged in a keepsake gift box. 

Approximate size: 8 fl. oz. / 236 ml lotion.

Magnolia: Magnolia, jasmine, and honeysuckle with hints of violet and bergamot

Gardenia: Gardenia and plum blossom with swirls of bergamot and toffee

Lavender Rosemary features the distinct scents of lavender and rosemary with a hint of eucalyptus.

Sunflower with a fresh sunflower with touches of citrus, ripe fruit, and spice

Lemon Basil: Citrus notes of lemon and mandarin enhanced with green basil leaf.

Honey Almond: Sweet almond muddled with cherry, vanilla, and honey

Eucalyptus and Mint: Eucalyptus and spearmint with drops of orange and geranium

Deborah's Garden: Heady floral notes of jasmine and cyclamen with base notes of cedarwood and cashmere

Paisley and Plaid: The freshness of linen with powdery floral undertones of violet, carnation, and lily of the valley

Earl Grey Tea: The scent of tea infused with lemon, bergamot rose and magnolia

Jubilee: Dewy florals with musky amber and raspberry highlights

Cedar Rose: Soft notes of cedarwood mingled with peony, jasmine, and a drop of citrus