FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food Saver Wraps

FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food Saver Wraps

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Reusable and Sustainable Food Wrap


Goodbye, yucky single-use plastic wrap! FreshWraps are reusable, breathable and all-natural - made from cotton and beeswax. And, FreshWraps are infused with organic botanicals proven to keep food fresh for longer!


Wrap and save unused portions of fresh produce, bread, or cheese. Only need half a cucumber? Wrap the rest with a FreshWrap and toss in the fridge! Cover and store bowls of leftovers (without needing to transfer to a new container). Wrap snacks and sandwiches for on-the-go.


FreshWraps can conform to any shape and are gently self-adhesive. To clean, wash with cool water and dish soap, and air dry. FreshWraps can be reused for up to a year!


TWO Medium 10”x10” Wraps

THREE Wrap Variety Set 7"x7", 10"x10", 13"x14"

TWO Large 13"x14" Wraps

ONE Extra Large 17"x23" Wrap

  • Environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic
  • BPA-Free, plastic-free and eco-friendly 
  • Patented and made in the USA
  • The ONLY food wrap that actively keeps food fresher, longer
  • Powered by the same patented formula as award-winning FreshPaper
  • Saves money by reducing food waste