AMT Waterless Cooking Set

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Prepare wholesome and nutritious meals in all their full natural colors and original crispy texture. 

What seems to be impossible has been made possible with the innovative AMT Waterless Cooking Set! 

Short heating and cooking times and at the same time total control with the help of the standard fitting thermometer - with the Waterless Sets from AMT you leave nothing to chance!

How do I clean my cookware?

To maintain your mirror non-stick finish, we recommend the use of non-metal, silicon kitchen tools only. Plastics may melt on the surface and be difficult to remove.

When using your cookware for the first time it is recommended to clean using something such as dawn or some non-abrasive dishwashing detergent.

Only use Barkeepers Friend stainless steel polish for cleaning. It is non-abrasive and will keep your mirror finish.

Never use anything abrasive or rough such as a brillo pad or the rough side of a sponge. Use only soft cellulose sponges.

The best way to clean is to heat the pan and use a silicon spatula to loosen up the bottom and then rinse.

While this dishwasher safe, it is so easy to clean, hand washing is recommended.

This cookware is oven safe until 500 degree F.

It is highly recommended to use a silicon trivet on top of the induction unit if cooking on the induction. The trivet will allow the magnetism to pass while keeping the induction unit cooler.

Materials: Cast Aluminum
Cook Type: Sets
Lid: Lid Included
Non-Stick: Yes
Volume: 24cm x 14cm
Oven-safe: Up to 500°F (260°C)