Cast Iron 2-In-1 Mortar And Pestle

Cast Iron 2-In-1 Mortar And Pestle

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Solid, robust, and designed to last, our cast iron pestle and mortars are heavy weight and perfect for pulping, grinding, and bruising herbs and spices. Created using a simple but effective sand casting method pefected from the Iron Age no less, just season with oil on a regular basis to keep the pestle and mortar in tip top condition. Typhoon cast iron 2 in 1 Pestle and Mortar is made of pre-seasoned cast iron, which has a pouring lip on the large mortar with a capacity of 200ml. The smaller mortar has a capacity of 75ml. 


1 x 200ml Mortar
1 x 75ml Mortar
1 x Pestle

Care & Use: Handwash only

Company: Typhoon