Blackberry Bourbon Smash Cocktail Slush Mix

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Blackberry Bourbon Smash Cocktail Slush Mix is Here! Made from all-natural ingredients (like real powdered blackberries) which are Vegan and Gluten-Free, our cocktail slush pouches provide 8 - 10 12 oz servings!

To make a Blackberry Bourbon Smash, simply pour 2 cups of inexpensive Bourbon or Whiskey, 2 cups of Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale, and 2 cups of Water. Stir the mix, seal the pouch, and place the mix in the freezer, and in 4-5 hours you will have a delicious Blackberry Bourbon Smash! Garnish with fresh blackberries. 

*Slush times can vary based on freezer settings and the percentage of alcohol being used. If you're hosting a gathering, plan ahead and freeze overnight!