AMT Oven Baking Tray

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This pan is completely non-stick with 5 unique layers of ceramic, anti-corrosion, titanium oxide and aluminum as well as a non-stick layer. Thanks to very high heat and energy transfer from tray to food, you can cook and bake faster and more efficient. 

Features: Baking without parchment paper, cooking without fat, fast heat distribution, simple cleaning and superior cooking results. 

For years, AMT has mastered the entire production chain as a manufacturer of extremely high quality aluminum cookware – from design to the finished product. The excellent quality of their products has been confirmed many times by independent authorities and numerous awards.

In AMT's factory they produce their unique cookware with the consuming hand-casting method and subject them to constant strict quality control.

Due to the unique casting process, they achieve a relaxed structure without pores, which provides the basis for a distortion-free soil and thus for energy-efficient cooking.

Before first using the tray, please clean it with hot water and a bit of detergent. The coating is heat resistant up to 260 degrees C. Do not cut on the tray, this could damage the surface. 

46.5 cm x 37 cm x 3 cm